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IP Registration
What is Registration?
Registration is the process by which every employer/factory and its every employee employed for wages, is identified for the purpose of the Scheme, and their individual records are set up for them.

The first step in the process is the obtaining of particulars about each coverable factory/shop/establishment, and its identification by allotment of a number i.e. Code No. by the R. O. so as to facilitate keep track of contributions payable/paid and the connected obligations of the employers. Subsequent step is the registration of employees of covered factories by the R. O/L. O. (where the work of registration of employees is decentralised), and identifying them by allotment of a number i.e., insurance number, and setting up of necessary records for recording the benefits for which the insured employee may be entitled under the Scheme according to eligibility. Individual record of each employer/employee will facilitate necessary changes in future from time to time and proper watch for obtaining compliance from the employers and benefits to concerned insured persons.
Registration of Employers
1.2 Section 2A of the ESI Act states as under:-

2A. Registration of factories and establishments-Every factory or establishment to which this Act applies shall be registered within such time and in such manner as may be specified in the regulations made in this behalf.

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